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Indra & Fiza Engagement
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” i loveeeee it so much….will definitely continue with our wedding….keep the creative juice flowing….yayyyy!!!”

Naimah & Khairul Wedding

Via email
” semua sukakan gambar saya, especially my family, thanks sut!”

Noorfaeza & Nazri Engagement

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” tq for the nice picture, ramai yang puji hasil kerja en.sut, siap ada kata yang nak tiru lagi, nanti bolehlah saya recommend en. sut kat mereka nanti,hope en.sut success selalu, and thanks again….”

Noor Salbiah & Ab. Rahman Engagement
via email
First of all, thanks for being my photographer eventhough it was last minute booking.. I’m so happy & very satisfied with the lovely pictures…. it’s so nice & it will be as a my sweet memories forever….hopefully you can give me high cooperation during my wedding ceremony in this coming December 2008….

thank you.
see u in DECEMBER….. insyaAllah….

Azlina & Hazlin Wedding

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” isz.. the pictures sangat chantek! sangat soka hati! owh owh custom album pun exceed my expectation! *rasa rugi plak amik satu jer.. lalalala* btw, am in love with the slide show also! terasa sangat romantik gitu! i am very hepi! rasa worth it sangat!
ps: ader lagi 5 orang adik yang tunggu turn.. kalau ader rezeki leh jumpa lagi”

Mahfuzah & Luqman Engagement
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” thanx 4 being my photographer on my engagement day last month….it’s unik sgt…i love it…simple and exclusive…memang cantik sgt2…sayer suke sgt…hope en. sut xkeberatan kalau lagi skali jadi photographer sayer 4 next year….thank u very much en. sut..anyway can i book 4 next year (my wed ceremony) on nov or dec 4 about 2 days in my house..and 1 day on my wed?”

Zaariman & Salwana Wedding
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” thanks again, Sut…everybody love the outdoor pic..background green colour tu matching dgn photo tu…we love the last shot the most…cantik sangat…very nice editing..keep up the gud work..”-Zaariman

“thank you for giving us such a beautiful memories….we love all the moments+pictures especially the video clip..it was brilliant! million thanks to Sut..hopefully we can meet again next time…(..its for our anniversary…hehe..;)”-Salwana

via fotopages
“Thank you for capturing our moment…it was beautiful…even we all penat, but u manage to make us shine in your photo..nice working with you.”

Haryani & Hairi Wedding
Via fotopages and friendster
” sut, Thanks for the nice pictures!!  we are happy working with you..sgt2 selesa..cheers, can’t wait to c Fiza & Indra Wedding Pictures! ”

Nur Aziah & Hairi Wedding
via sms
” thanks you soo much sut, gambar- gambar yang u ambil menarik and cantik, we all sgt berpuast hati dengan kerja you, family members and kawan-kawan i pun sgt suka dengan our wedding album, nice!…thanks again”

Masruwinasari Engagement
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” gambar- gambar yang you ambik semuanya cantik, hasil kerja yang cukup indah dan kemas..thanks sut!”

Suhaila & Azly Engagement
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” Hi Is,

First of all i would like to say thank you so much for taking a lovely picture for my engagement day,
really wonderfull and will be great to be my sentimental value.
everybody pun bg compliment with your work, what eva it is i satisfy with all picture taken by you….

Finally, thanks again for make my engagement day as really greatfull moment…..!”

Nur Ain & Rafiq Wedding
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” Isz,

We are really happy with the pics taken by you. Your work and service is definitely above my expectation ..top notch professional and very customer service oriented. I love all the pictures esp in the custom storyboard album. You definitely have the personal touch in capturing the special moments..esp gambar i menangis tu…Even the sticky album pun sangat cantik and high quality. To all bride to be out there, he is highly recommended. No regret!”

Masjulenasari & Hussin Wedding
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” Salam/ Hi!!!
Cantik gmbar/album u and u pun bagus sbb dapat sesuaikan diri time wed i yg kelam kabut sket..alhamdullilah semua ok and da pict is superb!~ hehehehe C ya soon !~ on my sis wedd tau..kalau u tak fully book lg ler..hehehe  ,thnks n t.care..”

Tasneem & Fathi Engagement

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” Hi Iszupictures,

First of all, im a camera shy and i have no talent in producing a variation of pose for the photographer… and when i need to do all that on my engagement in front of a lot of people, my confidence erodes but u managed to help me to stay calm and enjoy the photography session. Thanks for all ur help on my engagement is & ur patience especially.

I love ur photos esp the teaser u made. Its beautiful and i bet it touches a lot of hearts. I was extremely nervous about d final pieces of ur photography but alhamdulillah.. my fiancee..our family and friends love it so much. I will definitely recommend ur name if a friend asks me about a wedding/engagement photographer. To the people out there who are getting engaged and married.. he’s the man that u must say yes – this talented photographer has a very affordable package and the skill u wont regret.


Yasmin & Nadzmin Engagements
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“Dear isz,

Thank you so much for being such a great photographer.
I must say that u did a very2 good job on my storyboard album.
At the beginning i doubt your abilty because i only know you through the internet.

However,it proved that im wrong and made the right decision.
I loved the quality of the storyboard album and its presentation.(worth every penny!)

I also like the background and the composition of the pictures. Evrything is well blended with the overall theme. Just hope that there are more pictures in the album, but for sure it cost a lot of money kan..haha.

Personally i think u have your own style in designing and succeed in expressing the joyness of the event.

We hope to see you soon for our wedding.keep in touch!

yasmin& nadzmin”

Norsafida & Mohammad Zainnuri Engagement
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” heheee..thanx bro!! eda n tunang n da whole fmly suke sgt ngn keje isz..masa dpt ktorg tgk byk kali..sukela dgn kualiti gmbr wlaupn amek sticky album..lgpun isz sgt cool orgnya,pdai bwa dri msa majlis..
fmly eda n tung puji keje isz,puas ati gitu..:) nice job bro..
In’Allah kalau pjg jdoh, we all x teragak2 lg nk amek isz utk jd photographer we all..tp kali ni,xnk last minute daa..
THANX coz upload our pic…like it..KEEP IT UP!”

Shazleen & Nasir Engagement
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“Shazleen says:
mestilah Shazleen n family suka all those photos=)..another beautiful thing is..Mr.Is you did potray ur soft touch tru the album.my future father-in-law mmg puji hbs cakap custom album u kemas =D
All the best to u.Thumbs up!!’

Raja Norizan(Shazleen’s mom) Says:
Yea…everyone praised,and was surprise we got a praise from my future ‘besan’, because they don’t put much interest in these matters. But your pictures aroused his interest. Of course all the other members of the family were stunned. And that is why u’re appointed again for Raja Noor Shazleen’s wedding again. Do remember the date.It’s on 1 & 2nd of October 2010…bye


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  1. shaz

    Thanks Iszupictures.I like it so much,u such a great photographer 🙂

    March 23, 2012 at 4:58 pm

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