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Maslinda & Khairil Wedding by iszupictures.com

Update lagi kali ini untuk majlis perkahwinanMaslinda & Khairil….
Maslinda & Khairil Wedding


Mazuin & Shahir Wedding- iszupictures.com

As usual- i dont type much …but just want to share on the update for Mazuin & Shahir wedding….one picture for now….thanks to mazuin for choosing us as their official wedding photographer

terima kasih ya mazuin …dari kami iszupictures.com

Aishah & Shafiq- iszupictures.com

Update untuk Majlis Perkahwinan Aishah dan Shafiq- di Pulapol….more to come soon…

Nur Hidayah & Fakhrul

An update for Nur Hidayah & Fakhrul wedding….. More to come…


Custom album/storyboard album- iszupictures.com

An online sample of our wedding custom storyboard/ custom album design …

Storyboard album

/custom album

by iszupictures.com

Rosman & Atikah Wedding

Atikah & Fazaly Wedding