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Mazuin & Shahir Wedding- iszupictures.com

As usual- i dont type much …but just want to share on the update for Mazuin & Shahir wedding….one picture for now….thanks to mazuin for choosing us as their official wedding photographer

terima kasih ya mazuin …dari kami iszupictures.com


Custom album/storyboard album- iszupictures.com

An online sample of our wedding custom storyboard/ custom album design …

Storyboard album

/custom album

by iszupictures.com

Rosman & Atikah Wedding

Atikah & Fazaly Wedding

Asrina & Asmawi

huhuhuhuh….again..i kena update most of the wedding done… now lets start with Asrina & Asmawi…A&A….a lovely couple indeed….to view more ..please do visit my fb page ya…tq!

Asrina & Asmawi

Jamilah & Rodzi

Majlis Pertunangan Jamilah & Rodzi. Thanks to Jamilah for her support in us, thanks for her family too being soo sporting on that day….here are a photo from her engagement day…more are available on our facebook fanpage

Majlis Pertunagan Jamilah & Rodzi

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Ainatul & Nazrul

Ainatul & Nazrul wedding. Nothing musch to say, as this couple are meant for each other. Ok.. Just one photo for today….

Aina & Nazrul

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