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Maslinda & Khairil Wedding by iszupictures.com

Update lagi kali ini untuk majlis perkahwinanMaslinda & Khairil….
Maslinda & Khairil Wedding


Aishah & Shafiq- iszupictures.com

Update untuk Majlis Perkahwinan Aishah dan Shafiq- di Pulapol….more to come soon…

Rosman & Atikah Wedding

Dr Shazleen & Nasir

Dr Shazleen was my ex client during her engagement…and during her wedding, we meet again…below are the final album design for her custom storyboard/custom album….more picture on our fb page…tq!

Shazleen & Nasir Wedding Album

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Jamilah & Rodzi

Majlis Pertunangan Jamilah & Rodzi. Thanks to Jamilah for her support in us, thanks for her family too being soo sporting on that day….here are a photo from her engagement day…more are available on our facebook fanpage

Majlis Pertunagan Jamilah & Rodzi

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Norbakiyah & Azlah Wedding

Majlis Perkahwinan Norbakiyah & Azlah
Only one for today ya…to view o more of the pictures visit our facebook page ..tq!


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Irane & Syazwan

another update on
majlis pertunangan Irane & Syazwan