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Archive for February, 2010

Sabbirina & Fairooz solemnization

Well …another pictures for viewing today…its for sabbirina & fairooz wedding…a few preview from their solemnization ceremony….majlis nikah…ok will update for their weddding reception soon…daaaa….


Shazleen & Nasir Engagement

Its time to track back some of the events which took place sometime around last year. Shazleen & Nasir were engage on 10th December 2009. Just uploaded the pictures today….hmmmm a bit too long for the uploading huh, but it didnt take too long for the album submission…hope shazleen and family loves the final products…and our service…thanks to shazleen for hiring us as her official engagement photographer…enjoy the photos below..!

Thanks again to Shazleen for an early booking for her wedding day…cant wait for that day, see u soon shazleen

To view more of their pictures
Shazleen Engagement

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Suraya & Irwan Wedding Album

Thanks to Suraya & Irwan for their support in us…we hope you love the final products as much as we do..here are their storyboard wedding album…

Nur Azimah & Mohd Fairuz Wedding album

Another post for today…the album design for  azi & fairuz…hope their happy with the album …below are the thier album design….

Farahana & Syariz Wedding Album

Thanks again to farah & Syariz for their trust in us… hope they like the final products…below are their wedding album design, enjoy!

Mahfuzah & Luqman Wedding Album

This has been pending for a while,  so here its is, their album design for Mahfuzah & Luqman wedding

Ain & Zharif ( wedding)

continue form previous session…coming soon for their album design….but here are a few pictures form their wedding…enjoy!

Sutrisno M Nasir
Photographer and Designer