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Asha Fifi & Shafizam Steven Engagement

Ok, this will be the 2nd post for the days…huuu busy jugak nie…sambil keje sambil update blog nih…hehehehe

Entry kali nie a job 1 week after raya holiday…Engagement of Asha Fifi & Shafizam Steven on 26th  September 2009. Suka sangat snap pictures dgn fifi ni. A cheerful, happy and always smiling for the camera…great pose and a great smile…hope fifi will love the final outcome for the album…

Hantaran pertunangan bagi pihak perempuan is done by fifi herself.  DIY… mmg lain dari yang lain…bagi hantaran pertunangan pihak lelaki pulak disediakan oleh my old friend, collegue , cik Nurul Arbee dari NurulArbee Creation.  Pelamin mini pun disediakan sekali.  A great touch by her…simple but nice… ok, 1 photo for her big e-day..the rest will have to wait by next week bila i hantar album…


One response

  1. edasyafida

    just nk tya ni..erm..can u explain about da package..
    nikah+sanding+outdoor..custom album..
    pastu pe yg is sediakn..

    October 6, 2009 at 12:50 pm

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