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Nuraida & Azwan

ok..its time for a few updates…below are from Aida & Azwan wedding album..

To view more of their photos and their album in a larger size
click here

Sutrisno M Nasir
Photographer and Designer
Public Gallery at
jurugambar perkahwinan anda


One response

  1. good job isz!!! really had fun working with isz…and i love all photos taken by him!!! mmg puas hati especially story book dia…rugi plak tak amik package yang ada 2 story book tu..

    one thing i like most about isz is that dia rileks and cool je amik photo…and bila all the pictures dah siap, puas hati sebab gambar yg isz amik as if ada cerita sendiri..

    keep up the good work iszupictures!!!!!

    July 13, 2009 at 9:41 am

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