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Tasneem & Fathi

Stay tune for more of their engagement pictures…

For more information regarding our service , kindly contact us via email/phone/sms

Sutrisno M Nasir
Photographer and Designer


One response

  1. Tasneem Zaki

    Hi Iszupictures,

    First of all, im a camera shy and i have no talent in producing a variation of pose for the photographer… and when i need to do all that on my engagement in front of a lot of people, my confidence erodes but u managed to help me to stay calm and enjoy the photography session. Thanks for all ur help on my engagement is & ur patience especially.

    I love ur photos esp the teaser u made. Its beautiful and i bet it touches a lot of hearts. I was extremely nervous about d final pieces of ur photography but alhamdulillah.. my fiancee..our family and friends love it so much. I will definitely recommend ur name if a friend asks me about a wedding/engagement photographer. To the people out there who are getting engaged and married.. he’s the man that u must say yes – this talented photographer has a very affordable package and the skill u wont regret.


    February 22, 2009 at 11:25 am

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