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Majlis Pertunangan Mahfuzah & Luqman

akan datang

Untuk Maklumat lanjut, tentang pakej yang kami sediakan, sila hubungi

atau emailkan ke

Thank you !

Sutrisno M Nasir
Photographer and Designer
jurugambar perkahwinan anda


One response

  1. aza

    thanx 4 being my photographer on my engagement day last month….it’s unik sgt…i love it…simple and exclusive…memang cantik sgt2…sayer suke sgt…hope en. sut xkeberatan kalau lagi skali jadi photographer sayer 4 next year….thank u very much en. sut..anyway can i book 4 next year (my wed ceremony) on nov or dec 4 about 2 days in my house..and 1 day on my wed?

    September 16, 2008 at 7:32 am

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